The Familiar Blend

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We enjoy seeing new places, trying new foods, meeting new people, and seeking out fresh experiences. However, at the end of the day we find comfort in returning to what is known. This is a blend we created for everyone who is looking for comfort and for everyone wanting to return to what is familiar in coffee.

Mark Z. Danielewski's book series "The Familiar" is also one of our roasters favorites and we decided to pay homage to that. 

The Familiar pairs wonderfully with milk and also tastes great with brunch! It is our go to coffee when we are looking to have some caffeine during meal times. This coffee reminds us of bakers chocolate, cracked pepper, dates, and molasses.


Roasting Schedule 
Coffee is roasted on Tuesdays and Thursdays and shipped by the following day. Please place your order the evening before the respective roast day to ensure that it is included.
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