Brasil Carmo de Minas

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This coffee hails from the Mantiqueira de Minas region in Brasil and was produced by the Cocarive Cooperative. The cooperative was founded in 1961, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of unity and of pioneering farmers from Carmo de Minas and neighboring cities. Their objective was to transform the local coffee production into a point of reference in both productivity and excellence. This region is located on the slopes of Serra da Mantiqueira, near the headwaters of the Rio Verde. In fact the word Mantiqueira comes from the Tupi word for the crying mountain due to its abundance of natural spring water. The land here is very fertile and is supported by a consistently mild climate with predictable weather patterns for near perfect drying conditions.

Mantiqueira de Minas has dominated the Cup of Excellence over the last 10 years by producing up to 70% of the winning lots in Brasil.

This coffee reminds us of cinnamon bread, milk chocolate, and macadamia nuts. It has a pleasant medium body with low acidity and a mild sweetness.


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