Colombia Sierra Nevada

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We are thrilled to introduce our newest single origin Colombia! This coffee is certified organic and was grown by the 19 producers of Asociacion Biologicos para la Paz (Asobiopaz) in the Bonda and Minca villages in the Magdalena department. This coffee was grown under a canopy of native trees at 1400-1900 meters above sea level. The ripe red coffee cherries were washed and pulped then fermented for 36 hours and sun dried on patios. 

Asobiopaz currently has 19 associated coffee growers throughout the department of Magdalena. Asobiopaz producers demonstrate a high degree of respect for the environment and ecosystem. The smallholders grow coffee and other crops with the dual goal of diversifying income sources and conserving the rich soil and water sources of their land.

This coffee represents everything we love about Colombian coffees. In the cup we're reminded of milk chocolate, rich marzipan, sweet and crisp lemonade, and a unique aroma and aftertaste of sweet plantains. This coffee tastes great as drip coffee, cold brew, and espresso. So snag a bag or two and share the love!