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This coffee comes from the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania and was produced by the Mamsera, Mahida and Kirwa Keni cooperative groups in the Kilimanjaro district, and they deliver their coffees to the Rafiki Coffee Mill. Rafiki, in the town of Moshi, was established in 1997 and mills nearly 60 percent of the coffee in northern Tanzania. Mrs. Mary Shayo has been acting secretary of the Mamsera cooperative for the last 7 years and is known to many as simply, Mamsera. The cooperative is renowned for producing some of the best coffees in the country, thanks in large part to Mary's leadership.

At home, producers pulp their coffee cherries with hand-cranked machines and wash and ferment the beans in buckets. They then dry the beans on raised beds or floormats and finally deliver the parchment to the Rafiki mill for hulling and grading.

Coffee farms in Kilimanjaro are located between 1,000 and 2,000 meters above sea level, in perfect conditions for developing the best characteristics of coffee. Most growers combine coffee and banana production in their gardens. Banana trees provide ideal shade for coffee plants and are a key part of the local diet, while coffee is primarily a source of cash income.

This coffee reminds us of sweet banana chips and dark chocolate with a nice acidity reminiscent of perfectly ripe kiwis.


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