Inner Dialogue #1
Inner Dialogue #1

Inner Dialogue #1

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About the Blend:

This blend was inspired by the internal communication we have with ourselves, AKA Inner Dialogue. A large portion of us navigate our daily lives in constant inner communication with ourselves. Our inner dialogue helps us navigate relationships, decisions, stress, joy, grief, excitement, and sensory information. When we sit down and sip on a cup of coffee, we are taking time and allowing a conversation with ourselves on taste, smells, sensations, and feelings that may show up in our mind and bodies while enjoying our coffee. 

This is version #1. Our idea with this blend was to give us a space to think outside the box on what is possible with blends. It will be an annual spring/summer offering, that changes every year. We blended a Natural Ethiopia Guji with a Washed Mexico for an approachable yet fascinating flavor experience.

What you'll find in the cup:

You can expect to experience a vibrant acidity reminiscent of watermelon Jolly Ranchers, a medium to heavy body that reminds us of brownie batter and rice pudding, and a pleasant sweetness throughout that reminds us of dates and raisins. We hope you enjoy this years release and we are excited to have fun and get wild with the blend for years to come!