Peru Cutervo

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We are so excited to bring you this microlot from the  association of producers, Asprocafe - Cafetaleros El Santuario. The association was founded in August, 2017 by only 30 farmers. It was named El Santuario for its close proximity to the national conservation area. Today, the association works with more than 400 producers in several areas located in the north, in the department of Cajamarca. Santuario specializes in collecting the best coffees from the district of Huabal.

In addition to providing technical assistance, collection and export services, the association’s core principles are to promote productivity and competitiveness in harmony with the environment, contribute to equitable human development, and to continuously improve the quality of life of its partners.

When we are sipping on this coffee we are reminded of sweet nougat, raspberries, lovely cinnamon spice, and sweet plaintains. It's a versatile coffee that shines no matter how you brew it! Tastes amazing on its own or paired with milk. We only have a small amount of this stuff so snag it while it lasts!