Bassline Blend
Bassline Blend

Bassline Blend

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We couldn’t be more excited to introduce to you, Bassline!  We are proud to bring you this collaboration with Ray June Music and Swat Meet (501c3 Performing arts non profit). Together with Ray, we came up with a blend that in an everyday sipper and crowd pleaser. In the cup you can expect big chocolate flavors, animal cracker sweetness, and a beautiful brandied cherry acidity. This blend is sweet, smooth, and comforting.

With the purchase of this blend you are directly supporting SWAT MEET  and their work in Oklahoma City. When you support SWAT MEET you are taking part in helping to create safe spaces for local teens to express themselves creatively through music, poetry, and other art forms.

When you buy a bag of Bassline, 20% of the profit goes directly to SWAT MEET. To learn more check out the linked information below and feel free to jump on social media and give them all a follow.

More info about SWAT MEET can be found at: